Guilt is a cruel and subtle captive. It’s hands will gently hold you in a place of fear and self-loathing . Out of this is borne a paralysis so strong, it’s hard to imagine a life divorced of such sentiments.

When I was separated from her. The guilt that I felt was overwhelming . A smile was lost . A period of time abruptly laid to rest . Conversations and moments shared no longer part of an ongoing Narrative, but rather remnants and evidence of what once was .  The memories I held of us were a eulogy.  Stitched together to create a quilt of a lifetime that is no more. As time passes, they lose their warmth. This tapestry slowly loses its familiarity .

The sins of man have a cruel way of enslaving you. Portrayed as vices of pleasure and refuge , they allow you to dig your own grave. Validating you just enough for you to continue your blind pursuit of happiness . And when you are tired and broken, they employ the services of guilt to deter you from looking for a way out. So I sat there , alone , hungry for more than the crumbs that were presented in the base follies of sin yet blinded and scared to ask where they are.

In a time of confusion , Your Word brought clarity. An answer to unknown prayers. The shackles of guilt broken by the Love that you showed and a renewed hope in the message that tells me to seek you first . With you preeminent , there is hope for redemption; A new identity founded in you.

A Good Son

A good servant

A Good Husband

A Displined Businessman

A Disciple of Christ

Some birds aren’t meant to be locked up, .Their feathers are just too bright. when they fly away , the part of you that knows it was a sin for them to be locked up rejoices .

I Rejoice in knowing that I am worthy. I am forgiven.

Hope is a good thing , maybe the best of things .The hope that lies within has given me a renewed look on life. This is the excitement only a free man can feel . It’s a start of a journey where the destination is uncertain , but Your hand upon my life is not . I hope that your face would shine upon me. I hope that the man You call me to be is the one I become . I hope her smile is as beautiful as I envision. I hope the Lakers are good again soon.  I hope.




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