No ticket please

So here’s what happened ,

Thursday night I was driving back to Los Angeles from Redlands. I was making a left turn onto the on ramp for the 10 just as the light turned red; it was like 11:30pm with absolutely no one on the road …….except for a cop, who I didn’t see, who wasn’t with the last minute turn . So as I begin to accelerate , the lights come on and I pull over. 
Now at this particular moment , I really had no idea I ran that light , the officer will shed light on that as he asked for my license and registration. His next remark threw me off. ” what is Joshua 1:9″? 

I was so caught off guard I had to verify the question . ” Are you asking me for a bible verse “?

“Yeah I am “; “you got your bible back there in the seat”. Just then as I looked behind me , I realized he was looking at my bible in the back seat . I was so caught off guard , I couldn’t think . ” I don’t know that verse ” I said . He then follows up with “well what is your verse “?

In a moment of absolute amnesia, I spit out the most well known bible reference known to man, ” John 3:16″. 
Now that’s not MY verse , mine is actually Matthew 6:33 ; I just couldn’t think at that particular moment. The officer knew this as he replied ” everyone knows that verse”; “I want to know what your verse is “. As he walks to his car to check my info I looked up the verse :
“Have I not commanded you , be strong and courageous , for the lord thy God is with you wherever you go.”
He came back and asked did I read the verse . I read it to him and said thanks . He gave me my license and registration back and I left . NO TICKET!!!!! Thank you Jesus . 

Now , I am not saying that if you follow Jesus and carry your bible with you , you will avoid tickets for obvious violations you committed , but I will say that every moment of your life is ministry . I was reminded of this as we spoke about scripture at 11:30pm on the side of the highway. I’m reminded of this as I speak with a table at my parents restaurant about Christ . I won’t promise you that you can run infinite red lights and avoid tickets , but I will promise you that faithfulness and integrity will reward you with an intimacy with God that will expand your relationship with Him to new levels . As my verse says ” Seek he first the kingdom of God and all these things be added unto thee.”
Let your pursuit be consistent , let it be genuine and let it be preeminent . For the Lord is worthy .



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