Furniture Row all day .

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My little sister is growing up so fast . Crazy how time flies by. My mom had my phone so we had a quick photo shoot . I will never let her date.

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Da Poetry Lounge 

  Honestly one of the most nerve racking things I’ve ever done did . After the first sentence got out I felt at peace . Definitely an awesome moment .

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The Blue Whale 

Jazz night at this new spot I found indowntown LA . Super dope .

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Nike Run Club

I did my first Nike run event two weeks ago. It was pretty dope. Will for sure Do another one .

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Spoken Word Night

Yesterday  I performed a poem at an open mic. I’ve been talking about doing this for a while, so since I’m turning 30, I decided go ahead and give it a go. Never thought I would enjoy being on stage so much. This is the poem that I performed. There was some impromptu but overall this was what came out of my mouth.



“Now this is how you dress for an interview “.

“Sit Down and do your homework”.

“I’m so proud of you  “.

“Keep going son”.

“Apologize to your mother “.

“I love you”.


The Modern Day Man.


An anachronism.


I remember when my grandfather was dying . I sat down stairs at papas house with other men

My Father .

My Uncle .

Other men whom my papa’s life had touched.

One man spoke a phrase in kreyole.

I forgot how to say it but it pretty much meant “don’t soil my  name”. These words were spoken to him by papa when he was a young man.

.So through double translation, a singular command  was spoken into an atmosphere that felt palpable .

Respect .

There was a lot spoken throughout those days and nights as men prayed . waited . cried . These words meant something . They stuck to me.

And like a good meal on a Sunday afternoon ,they summoned sleep to my eyes and rest to my soul.


of a pie, a sweet moment to reflect on his wisdom instead of his mortality.

A juxtaposition of lasting lessons fleeting the lips of temporal flesh

A man whose face spoke edicts and whose hands built dreams and beat away childish ways left words that spoke of a higher path. The road that now a days is less traveled . It’s direction, it’s sound lost in the fray of false masculinity .

So the modern day man stumbles .

Foraging for false gold. A harsh tone and heavy hand for the woman who won’t listen. Trying to hear his fathers voice with each misstep. Late nights spent with the boys instead of with his boy. Walking farther from a path of wisdom and understanding .

This cycle creates a cruel irony because as grown little boys search for themselves , we have women in search for them.


Everyone is searching for a man who doesn’t exist

Because way back when another man didn’t persist .



“Keep going son”.

“Make sure you open the door for her”

“That’s not how you talk to a woman”.

“Always keep your word”.


Respect who your are.



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In just under a month, I will be 30 years old.  It’s a very interesting time for me as in all the most pertinent areas in my life right I’m finding myself  in transition : At church , I’ve been getting more involved with serving and have been feeling a pull on my heart for ministry . I don’t where exactly , but speaking to men at church has been on my mind.  To be honest this is really the first time I can honestly  say I’m open to the idea. Growing up with parents in ministry, I  had  a very unique perspective to the intricacies of the calling; It was very much a turn off at an early age by the transparency and constant pull on your time. The weight of others seem to be too much for me. However, as I get older, my desire to grow deeper with Christ has deepened . As I harken after Him, my ideas or oppositions to different ways of being use are weakened.

I have been Single for almost a year now ; it has been a revelatory time of growth , self-reflection and change. When I look back at who I was when it ended and who I am in the process of becoming , it really seems unbelievable. There was a great insecurity and self-doubt that I carried into my last relationship that wasn’t evident to me until I had a chance to step back and analyze moments of depression or loneliness. There were holes in my walk with Christ. The focus I put in my career and in my relationship really left “I” in a very precarious unstable position. Instead of being myself in the most complete way, part of me was always trying to impress or to compartmentalize feelings , certain circles of friends, certain desires in order to optimize a moment. The relationship became a place I turned to for reprieve and affirmation instead of communication and symbiotic growth. This point as I write it seems revelatory because this pretty much described my relationship with Christ, very much transactional as opposed to an ongoing narrative comprised of questions , answers , trust and growth.

I feel like I am catching my stride in regards to my career . I have a clear vision of where I want to be in the next 1,3,5 years and a somewhat clear understanding of the steps to get there. I am a restauranteur; simply defined, this a someone who owns and operates multiple restaurant concepts and locations . It’s strange declaring that with no current restaurant open but you have to declare and plan for what you want . My father is a man of action and I am very much a man of analysis.  Constant conversations and sheer osmosis, has a begun a transformation in me in regards to how I go about action; My approach  between analyzing an situation and moving forward without complete certainty is start to balance out. I truly am my fathers son.

There is a palpable energy and excitement around this 3oth year. I’m Praying that the Lord will use  do a work. It is a truly exciting moment.




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