No ticket please

So here’s what happened ,

Thursday night I was driving back to Los Angeles from Redlands. I was making a left turn onto the on ramp for the 10 just as the light turned red; it was like 11:30pm with absolutely no one on the road …….except for a cop, who I didn’t see, who wasn’t with the last minute turn . So as I begin to accelerate , the lights come on and I pull over. 
Now at this particular moment , I really had no idea I ran that light , the officer will shed light on that as he asked for my license and registration. His next remark threw me off. ” what is Joshua 1:9″? 

I was so caught off guard I had to verify the question . ” Are you asking me for a bible verse “?

“Yeah I am “; “you got your bible back there in the seat”. Just then as I looked behind me , I realized he was looking at my bible in the back seat . I was so caught off guard , I couldn’t think . ” I don’t know that verse ” I said . He then follows up with “well what is your verse “?

In a moment of absolute amnesia, I spit out the most well known bible reference known to man, ” John 3:16″. 
Now that’s not MY verse , mine is actually Matthew 6:33 ; I just couldn’t think at that particular moment. The officer knew this as he replied ” everyone knows that verse”; “I want to know what your verse is “. As he walks to his car to check my info I looked up the verse :
“Have I not commanded you , be strong and courageous , for the lord thy God is with you wherever you go.”
He came back and asked did I read the verse . I read it to him and said thanks . He gave me my license and registration back and I left . NO TICKET!!!!! Thank you Jesus . 

Now , I am not saying that if you follow Jesus and carry your bible with you , you will avoid tickets for obvious violations you committed , but I will say that every moment of your life is ministry . I was reminded of this as we spoke about scripture at 11:30pm on the side of the highway. I’m reminded of this as I speak with a table at my parents restaurant about Christ . I won’t promise you that you can run infinite red lights and avoid tickets , but I will promise you that faithfulness and integrity will reward you with an intimacy with God that will expand your relationship with Him to new levels . As my verse says ” Seek he first the kingdom of God and all these things be added unto thee.”
Let your pursuit be consistent , let it be genuine and let it be preeminent . For the Lord is worthy .


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Furniture Row all day .

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My little sister is growing up so fast . Crazy how time flies by. My mom had my phone so we had a quick photo shoot . I will never let her date.

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Da Poetry Lounge 

  Honestly one of the most nerve racking things I’ve ever done did . After the first sentence got out I felt at peace . Definitely an awesome moment .

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The Blue Whale 

Jazz night at this new spot I found indowntown LA . Super dope .

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Nike Run Club

I did my first Nike run event two weeks ago. It was pretty dope. Will for sure Do another one .

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Spoken Word Night

Yesterday  I performed a poem at an open mic. I’ve been talking about doing this for a while, so since I’m turning 30, I decided go ahead and give it a go. Never thought I would enjoy being on stage so much. This is the poem that I performed. There was some impromptu but overall this was what came out of my mouth.



“Now this is how you dress for an interview “.

“Sit Down and do your homework”.

“I’m so proud of you  “.

“Keep going son”.

“Apologize to your mother “.

“I love you”.


The Modern Day Man.


An anachronism.


I remember when my grandfather was dying . I sat down stairs at papas house with other men

My Father .

My Uncle .

Other men whom my papa’s life had touched.

One man spoke a phrase in kreyole.

I forgot how to say it but it pretty much meant “don’t soil my  name”. These words were spoken to him by papa when he was a young man.

.So through double translation, a singular command  was spoken into an atmosphere that felt palpable .

Respect .

There was a lot spoken throughout those days and nights as men prayed . waited . cried . These words meant something . They stuck to me.

And like a good meal on a Sunday afternoon ,they summoned sleep to my eyes and rest to my soul.


of a pie, a sweet moment to reflect on his wisdom instead of his mortality.

A juxtaposition of lasting lessons fleeting the lips of temporal flesh

A man whose face spoke edicts and whose hands built dreams and beat away childish ways left words that spoke of a higher path. The road that now a days is less traveled . It’s direction, it’s sound lost in the fray of false masculinity .

So the modern day man stumbles .

Foraging for false gold. A harsh tone and heavy hand for the woman who won’t listen. Trying to hear his fathers voice with each misstep. Late nights spent with the boys instead of with his boy. Walking farther from a path of wisdom and understanding .

This cycle creates a cruel irony because as grown little boys search for themselves , we have women in search for them.


Everyone is searching for a man who doesn’t exist

Because way back when another man didn’t persist .



“Keep going son”.

“Make sure you open the door for her”

“That’s not how you talk to a woman”.

“Always keep your word”.


Respect who your are.



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