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Meet the parents

Last weekend I met my Girlfriend’s parents. Very fun day.


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The Bird Moment

There are few movies that the whole movie or some particular scene sticks with me. My all times favorite movies off my head that I love are

Goodwill hunting
The first matrix
Jerry maguire
And now whiplash


In each of these movies , there contains some sort of revelatory moment in which there is a breakthrough which frees the protagonist from the antagonistic person or dilemma that has stood in their way. There was a very poignant scene in Whiplash when Andrew Neiman, the protagonist is embarrassed by his nemesis , He leaves the stage defeated , running into his father’s arms only to return to the stage and in the face of his peers , and enemy/mentor, to give the performance of his life.

The solo is transcendent. You are watching such a transformative period in Andrew’s life. He is before the eyes of many, transitioning from performer to legend. And when you watch this scene, you literally get goosebumps. It’s such a great scene. This was the bird moment.


” Bird” refers to a saxophone player who during a performance , Terrence Fletcher tells Andrew, ” was almost decapitated with a symbol” by his teacher . Embarrassed , bird left the stage , only to return the next year after obsessive practice , to give the performance of his life.

In my life , I swear that I persevere through the hardship in hopes of having my revelatory moment. Its what sustains me sometimes as I go through certain situations. Its what keeps me sane. Steve jobs said that those who go into Entrepreneurship have to be illogical to some extent because you will experience pain that will cause the logical to quit. I can’t quit. some times it sucks but , I have total confidence that in the long run, have my revelatory moment. When I look my adversary in the face, and perform at a level will even surprise many who didn’t see the vision. I’ve obsessed about growing my reach in the restaurant industry. Honestly , I have no doubt that what is in my head will manifest. I just need to keep practicing . This pretty much turned into a self-encouragement post. oh well. Hope someone feels something by reading this




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Kicks (Air Max Zero)

Air MaxTinker Hatfield sat on this beauties for like 25 years. Dope.



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Nike NV Roshe run nm woven sd

Screen shot 2015-03-14 at 5.00.55 PM

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what yo name is?

I work in the restaurant business , so my workweek is comprised of long hours . With six days on, and one day off to lounge , some Mondays I resort to doing absolutely nothing. However, this week I find my self in a  particular mood. Being that my girlfriend lives in Los Angeles and I in the desert, we have resorted to planning out our times together , or rather she has made it known that that is what she needs , and I being one who has fallen for this woman, acquiesce. Going over the next few weeks , it just hit me that I am turning 28 in a few days. There is no decree or edict that necessitates clarity and full direction for one’s life at this age, however , as I creep farther away from a quarter century , this number represents something special. 28 to me ,is the beginning of my “prime” and of adulthood. I’ve always been a firm believer that age is not a dictate of maturity, but rather a calculated mix of  experiences and lessons. With this being said, this fixation with 28 still stands; I really can’t tell you where it comes from , but I strongly feel that for me, the years of  28-35 years old , If lived intentionally , will be ones that bear great fruit.

Growing in my relationship and knowledge of God I feel is the key to living life intentionally.


There is a pastor whose messages I follow closely and he states that Declaring with a closed bible that you have no relationship with God is like stating you cannot receive text messages with a phone that is turned off. Over the last few months, I have really longed for an alive relationship with God; To live intentionally in His will, however , my bible was being opened maybe twice a week with no real true reading or seeking of understanding. Not digging for understanding and clarity when reading the word of God will never bear the fruit of a relationship. You have to dig into the intricacies of scripture when God will speak to you his nature. Why that obvious statement of truth hit me now, go figure , but it has and I long to see it through. Going to church and reading scripture will certainly familiarize you with the acts of God, you have to study and communicate with God thru prayer to really know His nature. Knowing God’s nature is paramount in growing with Him and in Him.

In Mark Chapter 9:24, The bible Tells of a father and  his son who was given to fits of rage and foaming of the mouth. In his desperate plea for help, The father tell Jesus, that the disciples were not able to cast this demon out and IF He were able, He being Jesus Christ, rid his son of this ailment. Jesus states that all things are possible to him that believe. The father replies by stating. ” Lord I believe”!!!! help my unbelief.

This passage is so amazing to me , and I believe points to the poignancy of knowing God’s nature. The man vehemently states that be believes that Christ , The Anointed one, can heal his son, but in the same breath ask that Jesus help is unbelief. The father is familiar with the acts of Jesus but has not taken his belief into the nature of Christ. To me this is like knowing your girl friend from her pictures and Facebook Profile , but not from talking to her and spending quality time with her. You are familiar with her happenings and predilections, but know nothing of her character. There is stability in knowing and walking in the assurance of the nature of God. It’s what sustains you and provides consistency in the midst of an inconsistent world. So this period of 28-35, the Golden Age for Fabrizzle, I’m digging deeper into his nature, His Character , and leaning not unto what I know to be real, but rather what he declares to be.

That’s all I got today .




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The Boo Thang and I

Valentines Day was special.


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